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Getting Started With USM



  • taralee hunter

    It has been so hard for me to log in. I have the USM the Matrix The Chakras and SSA and every single time they said that the password is wrong,so I keep asking for a password to log in,I put my own but that did not work either,that is why I have not complete the first module yet,It happens with all my programs,so I get frustrated and after awhile I just do not do it,please help.By the way I did save my changes,I want to put the same password for all my programs and when I try to use them they do not work.I had a better luck with the Metrix,but I think the log in should be easier.Please help.

    Sincerely Taralee Hunter

  • Chantelle MAFRA SOUSA

    How do I log on as my password is not working?


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